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                                                  Are You Gangnam Style?

                                                  Written on January 16, 2013 at 9:56 pm, by

                                                  Oppa Gangnam Style Meaning

                                                  If you want me to pick a good example of social media marketing impact, then “Gangnam style” is the best illustration ever. The Korean latest hip-hop “Oppa Gangnam style” seemed to capture the music industry by storm. The lyric is created by Korean pop singer PSY, and PSY short for “Psycho”.

                                                  Are you Gangnam Style?

                                                  Are you Gangnam Style?

                                                  In Korean, Oppa stands for “Older Brother”, it is also an affectionate way on how girls like to call their boyfriends. Most people didn’t know that Gangnam is actually a district in Korea, and it is Seoul most coveted neighborhood. Read more

                                                  Neucopia Review: Is Necopia a Legit Work From Home Opportunity?

                                                  Written on January 15, 2013 at 5:42 pm, by

                                                  What is Neucopia?

                                                  I have been receiving lots of inquiries in regards to Neucopia lately. So I decided to put up a review and hope this can help my readers deciding whether this is the right opportunity for them.

                                                  I first came across Neucopia’s website ( in October 2012. Nevertheless, I didn’t jump on the offer immediately as I always like to observe and make sure it is the right opportunity before I start recommending to my subscribers. Read more

                                                  SMART Goal Settings

                                                  Written on January 7, 2013 at 4:07 pm, by

                                                  What Are S.M.A.R.T. Goals?

                                                  SMART goals are different from your general goal setting! Basically, SMART goal can be drilled down to specific action steps. These action steps must be measurable with mini action steps. So that you can track the result overtime. Smart goals are designed in a way for everyone to easily track your desired outcome yet given the flexibility for one to adjust the progress according to your needs. Read more

                                                  How to Succeed in Network Marketing MLM business?

                                                  Written on January 3, 2013 at 12:24 am, by

                                                  Succeed in Multi-Level Marketing

                                                  Are you struggling with your MLM business and wondering how to succeed in network marketing and generate passive income from your direct sales business? If the answer is YES, then I suggest you to read on as I will be sharing some practical tips to help you scale your multilevel marketing business overtime.

                                                  Succeed With MLM

                                                  Succeed With MLM

                                                  A network marketing business works like any form of business. If you execute the game plan correctly, it can be very rewarding both financially and mentally. Financially in terms of how you grow your income overtime. Mentally refers to the type of personal development where you will be given the opportunity to establish your leadership abilities, credentials and online reputation. Read more

                                                  What Exactly is Network Marketing?

                                                  Written on December 27, 2012 at 4:38 am, by

                                                  What is Network Marketing?

                                                  Network Marketing is a business model based on distribution. The fundamental success of a MLM business rely much on the ability of its sales force. Typically, there are several layers of involvement and payout structure when comes to network based marketing business. Most companies ran on the principle of team dynamic. That being said team members are helping each other to accelerate growth of the business they are involving with.

                                                  Network Marketing

                                                  What is Network Marketing?

                                                  In the past, network marketers have to travel door to door looking for distributors and business partners in order to expand the business. Thanks to the internet, network marketers no longer have to solely rely on traditional offline channels to recruit members for the organization. Many have turn online and mass recruit potential business partners by leveraging on web2.0 technology such as blogging, SEO, social media and paid traffic (Just to name a few) Read more

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