Innovation Lab Team Photo Kitchen

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We’re rethinking food. For?good.

We’re industry experts with entrepreneurial chutzpah. We bring together the best in design thinking and agile development to take new products to market, super fast. Seriously, like less-than-six-months fast.

How do we do it? By following three simple rules:

  • Make friends with the unknown.
  • We’re guided by a framework, not bound by a process.
  • If we fail, we fail fast, learn fast and move forward.
This is all about new ways to solve new problems to innovate faster than the consumer and market changes.

Food, meet the future.

Let’s face it: Disruption is the new normal. Cutting-edge technology and big data have changed everything – CPG and retail included. We’re a team designed to move at the pace of change. Innovation isn’t something we “do.” It’s in our DNA.

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?YAPPAH! exists to fight food waste. All of our products incorporate ingredients like upcycled proteins, rescued vegetables and rescued grains.

The ?YAPPAH! brand is inspired by a tradition of The Andes of South America. It was the concept of “yapa” and it refers to the little something extra a merchant gives to a valued customer to make sure that nothing gets wasted.

This journey is about discovering beauty in the forgotten as part of our commitment to give you, your family and our planet a little something extra in every bite of deliciousness we make.

It is one of many ways Tyson is raising the world’s expectations on how much good food can do.

Sup? Hope You?Brought Sticky Notes

Chemia - Innovation Methods Conductor

Innovation Methods Conductor

Menny - Partnership & Assessment Captain

Partnership & Assessment Captain

Chef Kang - Culinary Ninja
Chef Kang

Culinary Ninja

Barbara - R&D Craftsman

R&D Craftsman

Nick - Technology Detective

Technology Detective

Michael - Operation Yoda

Operation Yoda

Santi - Experimental Brand Dreamer

Experimental Brand Dreamer

Buffy - Scale Up Lieutenant

Scale Up Lieutenant

Jeremy - Creative Magician

Creative Magician

Innovation Lab Team Photo Selfie

We are the face(s) of innovation.

We’re problem solvers, design thinkers, agile doers and culinary craftsmen. We face challenges, respect diversity, celebrate the big wins – and we have fun doing it.

What aren’t we? Perfectionists.

We’re scrappy. We iterate. Because when you’re willing to learn as you go, you can keep what works – without getting too attached to what doesn’t.