Oppa Gangnam Style Meaning

If you want me to pick a good example of social media marketing impact, then “Gangnam style” is the best illustration ever. The Korean latest hip-hop “Oppa Gangnam style” seemed to capture the music industry by storm. The lyric is created by Korean pop singer PSY, and PSY short for “Psycho”.

Are you Gangnam Style?

Are you Gangnam Style?

In Korean, Oppa stands for “Older Brother”, it is also an affectionate way on how girls like to call their boyfriends. Most people didn’t know that Gangnam is actually a district in Korea, and it is Seoul most coveted neighborhood.

In the past 30-40 years, Gangnam area has transformed from traditional farmland to modern housing residential areas. Gangnam District is the 3rd largest territory in Korea just behind Seocho District and Songpa District. Nowadays, Gangnam the area has gradually become one of the most dynamic and influential neighborhoods in Korea.

The Social Impact of Gangnam Style

The success of PSY’s Gangnam lyric style can be best described as viral marketing. The video on Youtube has been viewed more than 1 million time (By the time of writing this post). I am pretty sure the view is going to keep shooting up when more social buzz are created around the Gangnam’s story.

Interestingly, PSY’s horse style dancing is stylish and fun to watch. His colorful dressing also create a trend in the fashion industry. Not only Gangnam style has become a music and fashion trend in Korea, but also gaining popularity in the United States, Canada, Europe and rest of Asia countries. There are several duplication of Gangnam style related videos can be located on Youtube and other social media marketing channels.

In contrast to PSY’s fancy clothes and his interesting dance style, residents of Gangnam province are known to intentionally flashing their wealth. Thus, Gangnam style actually represents a new culture. It represents those who aspire to live its lifestyle regardless what the lifestyle is.

Social Marketing and Gangnam Style

What does Gangnam style has to do with social marketing? I would say that the social impact of Gangnam style is huge, spreading like a virus. Gangnam style in the music sector is like Starbucks in the coffee industry. The only difference is Startbucks started its coffee culture from America and gradually spread across Asian countries.

Vice versa, Gangnam style originated from Korea, Asia and gradually spread across the United States and Europe. When people think of coffee, they think of Starbucks, When people think of fast food, then McDonald is the first thing they have in mind. As for hip-hop music, undeniable is ” Oppa Gangname Style.”

Here Are Some Social Impact of Gangnam Style:

  • One Million+ Facebook Like on its page (https://www.facebook.com/OppaGangnam)
  • The power of Youtube video marketing. One Million+ Youtube views on its original channel
  • Close to 2 Millions followers on its official twitter page (https://twitter.com/psy_oppa)
  • Sept 11th, 2012 – PSY appeared on Ellen Degeneres show
  • Sept 14th, 2012 – PSY performed his famous Gangnam house dance at the Rocker fellow center
  • Sept 27th, 2012 PSY met with Google formal chairman Eric Schmidt
  • Nov 18th, 2012 PSY perfomed at American music awards with MC Hammer
  • More buzz to come in 2013 for sure

In Closing

It is undeniable to see how social media has helped Gangnum style reached its height. Every fashion stylist, music dancers are now mixing a bit of Gangnum color to its brand. It will be fun to watch how the Gangnam’s trend will grow in 2013.

So, are you Gangnam style? If you are not, you,re probably out of date:)